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The Dual-Pier Foundation Repair System

The Dual-Pier System is superior to all other foundation repair systems.  Here is how it works -

  1. Holes are dug around the perimeter of your foundation approximately every six feet to allow access to the underside of your foundation. Each hole is approximately 24 by 24-inches in size and will go down about 3 to 4-feet below the bottom of your foundation.
  2. A concrete cylinder is placed in the bottom of the hole under the foundation.
  3. A hydraulic ram is placed on top of the cylinder. The top of the ram is placed at the bottom of the foundation.
  4. Using the weight of the home, cylinders are hydraulically pressed into the earth beneath the foundation each on top of the previous forming a continuous Pier.
  5. A second set of cylinders is pressed into the earth approximately 12-inches apart from the first set, creating the A-Custom Dual-Pier System.
  6. Dual Piers are pressed into the earth at each location through the unstable soil, compressed soil, clay and shale formations until the piers reach solid sub-strata or bedrock.
  7. Hydraulic jacks are then placed on top of the piers and used to lift the foundation. Multiple hydraulic jacks are used to simultaneously lift the foundation, causing less stress on the foundation and home.
  8. Once the foundation is carefully lifted and level, the hydraulic jacks are removed and replaced with concrete cylinders.
  9. Your home is now re-leveled to like-new condition.
  10. Your lawn, shrubs and landscaping are returned to original conditions.

Interesting Facts About the Dual-Pier System

Dual Pier Foundation Repair

Why You Should Use the A-Custom Dual-Pier System

    • Dual-Pier System is proven technology – Used in foundation repair for over 25 years.
    • Dual-Pier System has the highest load-bearing capabilities of any foundation repair system - Used on commercial buildings and bridges.
    • Concrete cylinders are economical, reliable and will not corrode or degrade.
    • Dual-Pier System provides twice the support under the foundation beams, distributing loads and reducing foundation stress. 
    • Dual-Pier System eliminates future potential foundation problems.

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