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What Others Offer - Common Foundation Repair Methods

Pressed Piling Foundation System

Pressed Piling: Single pressed pier with a concrete cap that allows a jack to be placed in the middle of the cap to level home. 6” X 12” cylinder, max psi 6000.

Cons: Limited vertical support, limited load capacity.

Poured Concrete Foundation System

Poured Concrete Pier: Concrete poured into a pre-drilled hole with steel for strength and support. Max psi unproven.

Cons: Limited depth, limited capacity, they are not hydraulically pressed into the sub-strata, they typically settle in 18-36 months and you have the same problem all over again.

Steel Piling Foundation System

Steel Pilings: 2 7/8” steel pipe pressed into ground around perimeter of house. Topped with concrete cap to allow jacking. Max psi 5000.

Cons: Limited vertical support, limited overall capacity, expensive, will corrode and rust over time.

Cable Lock Foundation System

Cable Lock: Single pressed piling with steel cable through center of pier. 6” X 12” Cylinders, max psi 6000.

Cons: Limited support capacity, steel cable is flexible and will rust and or corrode, cable has no practical use in pier system.

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