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Foundation Repair Maintenance Information

Once A-Custom has repaired your home, a little maintenance is required to make sure your foundation stays in the best condition possible.

Here are a few things to do to maintain the integrity of your foundation repair: 

  1. After the foundation repair, we leave dirt mounded up over the areas where we dug and inserted the dual piers. The mounded dirt will settle with each rain or watering. Please make sure the dirt is kept uniform and water is not allowed to stand in a low spot around your foundation. Additional dirt may be required to keep the proper grade. Remember, water should always drain away from your home and foundation.
  2. It’s important to keep an even amount of moisture all around your home and foundation. Uneven moisture causes the soils to swell in one area and contract in another. Your foundation could shift with the difference in moisture. The use of a sprinkler system or soaker hoses can keep the soil at a constant moisture level all around your foundation. Please make sure not to over water the areas of foundation repair.
  3. Fix any plumbing or drainage problems immediately. The water from a plumbing leak or improper drainage could cause the soils to swell and your foundation to shift. Walk around your home after a heavy rain to make sure water is not pooling near the foundation. Again, water should always drain away from your home and foundation.
  4. Plant shrubs at least 2-feet from the edge of the foundation. Trees should be planted at least 10-feet away from your home and the branches trimmed so the drip line does not extend over the house. The root systems of shrubs and trees can do serious damage to a foundation. That’s why it is so important to plant shrubs and trees at the proper distance from your home.
  5. Consult a professional if you are going to add onto your home or make changes to the landscaping or grade of your lot. A properly designed drainage system will be important to keep your foundation in good shape.

Please remember that the weather in Texas changes almost every day.  Small seasonal changes can cause minor foundation movement and possibly some small cracks in your mortar or even inside your home.  This is not a problem. 

If you have any questions about your foundation, please give us a call.  We will come out and inspect your home to determine if anything changed.  A-Custom has the best lifetime warranty in the business.

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